Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Update Web Pages for Better Rankings and Increased Traffic

Getting increased traffic is and better search engine rankings can be the result of revising your blog posts and web pages.  Your site content may be stale and your keywords irrelevant.  If you update web pages by changing or adding fresh content, it sends a flag to the search engines that something new has been added to the page.  If you re-orient your page to more common search terms, more people will find your web page.

Revisions for Improving Your Content.  Re-reading your content may reveal grammatical and style errors.  Correcting these will make for higher quality content and better reading.  This will make it more likely that people will read your content.  There is always room for improvement.  As a boy, I used to walk along the railroad tracks picking "dewberries," a diminutive blackberry that grows wild in a part of rural East Texas.  Dewberries make a great cobbler desert.  I would pick in one direction and return along the same side of the bush and find more berries that I missed.  Re-reading your web posts is very much like this, you always find new berries when you return to the same place and view it at a different time.

Keywords.  You can use Google Adsense or Market Samurai to inspect the keywords for your site.  There is also the possibility that you may want to add more keywords or change the SEO focus of the article to a new set of keywords.  I did that recently on a health article, which was perfectly good as far as content goes, but it was lacking in keywords that people use in their searches.  Now that it has been changed, it is more likely to be found and read.

For more specific tips on updating web pages, I recommend that you visit this Hub Pages article: Updating Your Hubs to Increase Traffic. Other tips that are included on this site include updating your keywords, changing the title, adding new content to reflect the new keywords and title, and fixing broken links.

So, my advice to all is to tend your garden of web posts.  There are several advantages to updating your web pages and your efforts will very likely that grow your web traffic because of your efforts to make your content current, more readable and more relevant.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Creating Links with Photos

All types of links help your web page's position.
Creating links with photos is a resourceful way to increase your web site's visibility on the Internet.  Up until recently, I haven't used this technique.  Now, when I am in Photoshop, I click on File > File Info and fill out the information for each photo that I upload.  The copyright information for each photo refers back to the site which the photo or illustration relevant to, so I have an automatic link in the photo after I upload it. 

Sites for putting in these links include Red Gage, Flickr, Facebook, Google Plus and any other sites where people upload photos. If the photos are special, reduce them in size so when people copy them (it's a tought act to control what happens once they are on the web) they won't get a high-resolution photo like the one you have on your computer.

Regarding the photo information:  Put in a description in the photo to make it unique.  Use at least 3 sentences in the description and don't copy the information from other sites. 

Another advantage of uploading photos with this information is that you can increase the visibility of your work when people are looking for images.  Good keywords are important.  Good information leads to more people being familiar with your work.