Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Google Adsense Placement Under A Wordpress Header

I have been trying to find the code and the where to put the adsense code below my header in the Wordpress 2010 theme.  I had read that Google Adsense Placement under the header (for a 728 x 15 link unit) is optimal for getting people's attention and potential ad clicks.  So, I finally found the solution.

Go to techmaish.com and you will find both the code to enter and where to put the code. There are two parts to the code, the ad code goes in the header.php file and there is some code to put into the style.css file.

I had to also go to my adsense site and create the code for the 728 x 15 ad, but that is really easy. So now, I just sit back and see if the site performs better. Hope springs eternal!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Are You Sure You Want to Do This - Please Try Again Failure

I have a wordpress blog site where I wanted to change the them to use more of the page and arrange some other items to my likings.  So, I downloaded Atahualpa theme, put it in the appropriate folder on my web site and installed it.  Then I tweaked a couple of things on it and clicked on SAVE, but the dreaded message "Are You Sure You Want to Do This - Please Try Again" showed up. 

I made several attempts at changing some minor features, and still got the same message.  I looked on the Internet for other people's experiences with this issue.  Based on this advice, I tried the following things:

reloading the page,
different browsers,
restarting the browser,
using different browser on both a mac and a pc,
deleting the update file within my wp-content directory,
re-installing the wordpress,
changing back to the old theme,
discussing the problem with Host Gator
and a couple of other things that did not work.  24 hours had passed........

I then deactivated all of my plug ins (and I have a considerable number of them), and then reactivated 3-4 at a time.  After each reactivation, I made a small tweak on the theme to see if it would accept it - like the background color (the 2010 theme has wide, unused borders).  So, I did this reiteration about 10 times before I got to the problem, the Shared Items Post plug in.  Not a very important plug in, so I will keep it deactivated.

So, here's to not seeing this frustration message again:

Are You Sure You Want to Do This - Please Try Again !!!!!

So, what does this have to do with Internet Marketing?  Well, certain themes and layouts are much more amenable to optimizing advertisement layout.  So that is my goal.  We can talk about that later, I wanted to get this off my chest!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Google Adsense Placement on My Qigong Healing Arts Blog

I did some reading about Google ad placement and decided today to put a menu type ad placement on the top of my pages that have the most traffic. The Google ad looks like a menu layout, and I put it below the title of each article. I have read some instructions on how to put it below the menu in the header, but I don't have a custom_functions.php file in the 2011 Wordpress theme.

I will do further research on that and if I find out how to do that, I will put the instructions on this blog entry. For the amount of traffic that I am getting on the Qigong Healing Arts Blog, I should be getting more Google adsense revenue. My overall revenue is on the rise, but there are contributions from my alternate site on Blogger, which is interesting, as it gets a lot less traffic. It is ranked higher on Google, but it is situated on page 2, vs. page 1 for the other blog. It has about a sixth of the traffic volume.

So if anyone reads this blog in the Internet Wilderness of Internet Marketing Blogs out there, I would appreciate all comments or suggestions. ....regarding Google ad placement with the 2011 theme.......whether it involves the need to change themes so there is a custom_functions.php file or whatever. Namaste!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Market Samurai for Optimizing Your Income Potential on the Web

If I am considering working in a new niche, I first do a Google Adwords search to find terms that people use to look up information. When I find something of interest, I then use a program called Market Samurai for doing detailed keyword analysis and for assessment of potential competition for my selected keywords.

I strongly suggest using Market Samurai for these detailed analyses and finding profitable niches. The program uses data from Google for keyword analysis and from Yahoo for site rankings.

The program uses what are called the "Golden Rules", which is the default format for preliminary analyses. One of these rules is to have 50 or more hits per day for a keyword. This helps find the overall category that you can use to create a domain that has market potential. These settings can be changed to help find topics for pages or blogs that are related as well.

So, if you are serious about what you do on the internet and you want lots of people to notice you, this is an option that you shouldn't overlook. I can help you get off to the right start and provide guidance for future work that you do on your site to help build traffic.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Blog Sites for Making Links

There are many places that you can use for link-building, but the overall best is to write good content. Scattering good content in many different locations on the web will help you get noticed. But don't make duplicate content, that kind of noticing will hurt your rankings and income potential. Here are some good sites where you can write articles for links:

Recommended Free Blog Sites

- This site is really easy to start up. There is no verification of addresses and you can enter any email to create an account. I like it for the mere simplicity of setting up a blog. The modular approach to building a page is really nice and easy to undo if you screw up placement. I highly recommend this site.

Blogger.com - I would be remiss if I didn't mention this. It is somewhat labrythian to set it up, but I have found that my sites that have 10 blog entries seem to get page rank quicker than sites than equivalent Wordpress sites. It is a mystery to me...

Wordpress.com - I have a domain that I own that has a blog with several pages and I am comfortable with this blog format. There is a lot of flexibility in how you make the blog look and there are plug-ins to help with various technical details like tracking traffic, automatic tweeting, meta tags, etc. I also have a free wordpress.com site that I use, however, the options are fewer on how you can do things. I find that this site is not ranking very well, too.

Amplify.com - This site is good for writing short blogs that have more content than a Tweet. It allows more characters and if you have something short to say, it is a good vehicle for that format. You can also create a blog post list for you main blog. Another format that is something like this is SheToldMe.com, but the advantage of this format is that you can get revenue from Google Adsense as well.

Posterous.com - I have used Posterous from the beginning because of the ability to send email posts to it. Recently, however, Blogger has added this feature. I still recommend posterous, however for quick posts and have another site for comments in niche areas of your main blog.

If anyone has other recommendations, I would like to hear what you have to say in a comment.