Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Google Adsense Placement Under A Wordpress Header

I have been trying to find the code and the where to put the adsense code below my header in the Wordpress 2010 theme.  I had read that Google Adsense Placement under the header (for a 728 x 15 link unit) is optimal for getting people's attention and potential ad clicks.  So, I finally found the solution.

Go to techmaish.com and you will find both the code to enter and where to put the code. There are two parts to the code, the ad code goes in the header.php file and there is some code to put into the style.css file.

I had to also go to my adsense site and create the code for the 728 x 15 ad, but that is really easy. So now, I just sit back and see if the site performs better. Hope springs eternal!

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