Thursday, November 10, 2011

Google Adsense Placement on My Qigong Healing Arts Blog

I did some reading about Google ad placement and decided today to put a menu type ad placement on the top of my pages that have the most traffic. The Google ad looks like a menu layout, and I put it below the title of each article. I have read some instructions on how to put it below the menu in the header, but I don't have a custom_functions.php file in the 2011 Wordpress theme.

I will do further research on that and if I find out how to do that, I will put the instructions on this blog entry. For the amount of traffic that I am getting on the Qigong Healing Arts Blog, I should be getting more Google adsense revenue. My overall revenue is on the rise, but there are contributions from my alternate site on Blogger, which is interesting, as it gets a lot less traffic. It is ranked higher on Google, but it is situated on page 2, vs. page 1 for the other blog. It has about a sixth of the traffic volume.

So if anyone reads this blog in the Internet Wilderness of Internet Marketing Blogs out there, I would appreciate all comments or suggestions. ....regarding Google ad placement with the 2011 theme.......whether it involves the need to change themes so there is a custom_functions.php file or whatever. Namaste!

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