Monday, February 15, 2010

Video Series for Selecting Keywords

Here are the YouTube video addresses for selecting a microniche within a market:

To find a theme keyword:

To find category keywords:

Here are some of the terms explained:

SEO = search engine optimization, means optimizing a given site for better ranking on search engines such as Google

SEO traffic = daily traffic on the web for a given keyword or keyword phrase

PBR = phrase to broad match ratio, term used with versus without quotes as shown below for the term phrase

Phrase = the keyword phrase for your given niche or microniche, searched for on the web using the phrase surrounded by quotes as shown here for the Sony alpha 200 Camera Lenses microniche:

"Sony alpha 200 Camera Lenses"

So, the goal in looking for keywords is to find a microniche in which to start that has at least 80 page visits per day, and where there are less than 30,000 pages on the web. The number of page visits is important because it will help you make money through clicks on advertisements or through affiliate marketing efforts, if you choose that method of marketing. Have a microniche with less than 30,000 pages increases your chances of success because there is less competition from professionals in the market.

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