Monday, July 12, 2010

Article Writing and Article Spinning for Backlinks

Article writing to get the word out is made easier if you use a service to spin your articles into variations.  I don't recommend putting these articles on your regular or main blog; but they are useful for getting backlinks on secondary blogs that are part of your network of links.  So look into article spinning to help you with that task.  One article can be spun into 50 different articles by the use of synonyms and alternate sentence beginnings and endings.  Don't do this for your primary high-quality sites like Ezine or other sites that may have a higher page rank because of the visibility and the potential for someone to click and visit your site.  So be aware of this when you are placing the articles on different sites on the internet.

Also when you are writing your article, keep your keywords in it.  Focus on 2-3 keywords and don't repeat them more than 3 times in the text, otherwise it gets spammy and may create a red flag.  Also, you should be aware of synonyms that are within the topic that you are writing about.  This creates an article that has more breadth and will be viewed more favorably by Google in your rankings.

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