Monday, June 11, 2012

Social Networking - Tooting Your Own Horn

Effective Social Networking

There is a difference between social networking and tooting your own horn.  I find several people who toot and toot, or post and post, but never interact with the people on facebook and Google +, for instance.  They bore me to tears, take up too much of my page real estate and what they are doing is a form of spam.  These are the people I ignore and remove from my contacts because all they are interested in is appearing like a know-it-all. 

I read a recent article called "He Who Tooteth His Own Horn," that addresses this issue as regards companies use of social networking.  The advice, which features an ancient drawing of Confucius (so it must be wise), in this article applies to anyone who is using facebook or any of the other social networking services.  Real interfacing with clients, or "friends," requires unique responses to inquiries and posts that they make. 

So, take the time to interact in a genuine manner with people who are on you friend or client list, inquiring and breaking the ice.  These genuine interactions will help you gain respect and pay off in the long run.  Tooting your own horn is okay on occasion, but don't make it the only way that you use your social networks.  Else wise, people (like me) will take you off of their lists.

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